Lietuvos bankas
US Large Cap Equity Value Fund European Equity Fund European Smaller Companies Equity Fund Asian Opportunities Equity Fund Asia Credit Bond Fund Global Government Bond Fund GLOBAL IMPACT EQUITY FUND GLOBAL STRUCTURED RESEARCH EQUITY FUND US ALL-CAP OPPORTUNITIES EQUITY FUND US IMPACT EQUITY FUND US Smaller Companies Equity Fund EURO Corporate Bond Fund Emerging Local Markets Bond Fund Global Investment Grade Corporate Bond Fund Continental European Equity Fund Global Growth Equity Fund Dynamic Global Bond Fund US Investment Grade Corporate Bond Fund US High Yield Bond Fund GLOBAL IMPACT MULTI-ASSET FUND GLOBAL IMPACT SHORT DURATION BOND FUND Global Focused Growth Equity Fund Emerging Markets bond Fund Global Equity Dividend Fund Japanese Equity Fund US Equity Fund Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund Diversified Income Bond Fund Global Technology Equity Fund Dynamic Global Investment Grade Bond Fund Global Allocation Extended Fund Multi-Asset Global Income Fund Science and Technology Equity Fund US Aggregate Bond Fund Global Natural Resources Equity Fund Midddle East & Africa Equity Fund Frontier Markets Equity Fund Global High Income Bond Fund Global Allocation Fund Dynamic Credit Fund GLOBAL IMPACT CREDIT FUND US STRUCTURED RESEARCH EQUITY FUND Global High Yield Bond Fund Asian ex-Japan Equity Fund Global Real Estate Securities Fund Emerging Markets Discovery Equity Fund China Evolution Equity Fund Dynamic Emerging Markets Bond Fund US Select Value Equity Fund US Large Cap Growth Equity Fund US Blue Chip Equity Fund Emerging Markets Equity Fund European High Yield Bond Fund European Select Equity Fund China Growth Leaders Equity Fund Global Select Equity Fund FUTURE OF FINANCE EQUITY FUND