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At the beginning of 2017, four economists carried out economic and financial research at CEFER; all of them were internationally-experienced researchers who had acquired their PhDs at Lithuanian and foreign universities. Their aim is to bring together academic knowledge and innovative research methods, allowing to creatively address relevant issues.

Bank of Lithuania researchers also conduct applied research.

Currently, the Applied Macroeconomic Research Division employs seven economists and one statistician. Their research scope includes monetary and fiscal policy, modelling and forecasting, convergence research, and financial stability.

Research Assistants


Eglė Skliauskytė, Master’s candidate, Toulouse School of Economics

During her internship at CEFER, Eglė assisted the research team with their current research projects, such as DSGE model application for Ukraine and explaining cross-country differences in equity risk premia. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Toulouse School of Economics in France. Prior to her graduate studies, Eglė completed a 3-year graduate programme in Tax Advisory at Ernst & Young in London. Eglė holds a first-class Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Lancaster University; she also has prior work experience at KPMG Baltics and SEB. 


Akvilė Bertašiūtė, Master’s student in Econometrics, Vilnius University

Akvilė joined CEFER after finishing her internship at the Monetary Policy Division at the Bank of Lithuania. During her internship, she gained valuable insights into behavioural and theoretical macroeconomic research. Akvilė was involved in a project in estimating the New Keynesian model with behavioural expectations. Currently she is a Master’s student in Econometrics at Vilnius University, where she finished her Bachelor’s degree.

Internship duration: 26/05/2016–23/12/2016

Tadas Kriščiūnas, MMathPhil candidate in Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Oxford

After finishing his Master’s degree studies at the University of Oxford, Tadas joined the Bank of Lithuania research team as an intern. Previously, he worked at an Oxford-based hedge fund. At the Applied Macroeconomic Research Division, Tadas focused on developing a filtering algorithm to extract the natural rate from the data. He is also interested in machine learning methods that can be applied to language recognition.

Internship duration: 27/06/2016–05/08/2016



CEFER Alumni


Matthias Weber

Duration of stay: 2015 - 2018

Publications during the stay in CEFER:

Placement after CEFER: University of St. Gallen, Assistant Professor at the School of Finance

Zsuzsa Munkacsi

Duration of stay: 2015 - 2016

Placement after CEFER: International Monetary Fund, Economist at Strategy, Policy, and Review Department (SPR)


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