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Submission and registration of requests and reports

  1. Completed requests or reports may be submitted in one of the following ways:
    1. online by logging in to the  Bank of Lithuania Certificate System (in Lithuanian) (instruction of registration (535.9 KB download icon) in Lithuanian) and having been granted a Bank of Lithuania digital certificate;
    2. sent by email: [email protected];
    3. sent by mail to the Statistics Department of the Bank of Lithuania (Totorių g. 4, Vilnius, LT-01121);
    4. hand-delivered to the Bank of Lithuania (Totorių g. 4, Vilnius).
  2. Requests and reports sent by email should be submitted in XLSX format.

  3. The loan is registered within 10 business days of the receipt of documents at the Bank of Lithuania. The notification on the registration of a loan with the Bank of Lithuania is sent to a legal entity by email or, at their request, by mail.


Regarding data submission

Julija Gromova

+370 5 268 0421

[email protected]

Gražina Purvinš

+370 5 268 0423

Sigutė Samaitienė

+370 5 268 0414

Last update: 08-01-2019