Bank of Lithuania

Corporate Services Department

Ugnė Šaltenytė, Director of the Corporate Services Department

The Corporate Services Department is responsible for:

  • Drawing up and control of the budget of the Bank of Lithuania, preparation of financial statements
  • Protection of the employees and valuables of the Bank of Lithuania, safe transportation of valuables
  • Handling of procurement procedures
  • Maintenance of buildings, premises, working conditions of the employees of the Bank of Lithuania

The objective of the Corporate Services Department is to ensure sustainable, efficient, effective and safe use of the resources of the Bank of Lithuania (LB) by managing the administrative, economic and financial activity of the LB. The Department also aims to ensure the provision and quality of services related to finance, security, premises, public procurement, document and information management, editing, translation and publishing.

We are responsible for a transparent and targeted planning of financial resources of the LB. We provide reliable financial analysis which helps to make management decisions that increase the efficiency of the LB and are focused on a sustainable financial situation of the LB in the long term. We formulate and implement the financial accounting policy of the Bank of Lithuania and prepare financial statements in a timely manner.

We establish the procedures for access to the territory and premises of the LB by employees and guests of the LB, and monitor compliance with the procedure. We also set the procedures for allowing vehicles of the LB and its employees, guests, collection vehicles of commercial banks, as well as vehicles of other institutions or persons to enter and leave the premises of the LB and monitor compliance with the said procedure. We are obliged to protect the employees of the LB, its valuables and other assets, to safely transport valuables, if necessary, as well as arrange and protect the valuables transported with vehicles that do not belong to our organisation, employing police forces.

We organise and implement the process of public procurement at the LB in such a way that would ensure timely and transparent purchase of quality goods, services and works and rational use of funds allocated for such purposes. We track the changes of provisions of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Public Procurement, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Public Procurement in the Fields of Defence and Security, and other legal acts regulating the process of public procurement as well as analyse the requirements of these legal acts and initiate the required amendments to internal legal acts.

We supervise and take care of the buildings of the LB, the working environment of employees, the implementation of civil protection, occupational safety and fire safety requirements, and we apply sustainability measures in the provision of services. 
We accept inquiries, requests and complaints from residents, organisations and companies, provide the answers for them, administer the circulation of LB documents, keep their archives and record the working time of the employees.

We edit legislation, documents, publications and information to be published prepared by the LB, perform translations into other languages and publishing activity.

The Department is comprised of six divisions: Finance Division, Security Division, Public Procurement Division, Premises Division, Document and Information Management Division, Publishing and Translations Division.

Last update: 17-04-2024