Bank of Lithuania

Banking and Insurance Supervision Department is one of the three units of the Financial Market Supervision Service. By performing the supervision of banks, credit unions and insurance undertakings, we seek to ensure that market participants have adequate capital, are liquid, properly manage their risks and their governance is efficient. It is important that financial market environment is favourable to its participants and encourages the establishment of new businesses and their sustainable expansion in Lithuania.

Our unit applies the individual prudential supervision model to the activities of supervised market participants, in order to increase soundness and stability of their operations; for this purpose, we conduct regular supervisory inspections and assessments and apply other supervisory instruments. To ensure efficient supervision, we focus on communication and maintain a constant dialogue with financial market participants based on professionalism, openness and respect.

Our Department represents the Bank of Lithuania in the activities of the Single Supervisory Mechanism of the European Union – together with other supervisory authorities we pursue the objectives raised for the implementation of credit institutions prudential supervision policy.

Director – Renata Bagdonienė

Last update: 04-12-2020