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The single Code of Conduct for high-level officials of the European Central Bank (ECB) entered into force on 1 January 2019. It covers all ECB decision-makers and high-level officials. The code is the latest measure undertaken by the ECB to further enhance transparency and accountability, as well as improve the management of potential conflicts of interest. In terms of the Bank of Lithuania, the Code of Conduct applies to the Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania (as a member of the ECB Governing Council) and the Director of the Supervision Service (as a member of the ECB Supervisory Board).

The Code of Conduct for high-level ECB officials is available here.

The Code of Conduct introduces specific rules for post-employment activities, private financial transactions and relations with interest groups. It also foresees the publication of Declarations of Interests and monthly calendars with information on meetings related to the activities of ECB decision-makers and high-level officials. The calendars are published with a time lag of about three months.



Calendar of Vitas Vasiliauskas

Calendar February 2020 (139.5 KB )

Calendar January 2020 (311 KB )



Calendar of Jekaterina Govina

Calendar January 2020 (146 KB )




Calendar of Vitas Vasiliauskas

Calendar January 2019 (477.2 KB )

Calendar February 2019 (112.8 KB )

Calendar 2019 m. March (113 KB )

Calendar April 2019 (121.8 KB )

Calendar May 2019 (286.8 KB )

Calendar June 2019 (269.3 KB )

Calendar July 2019 (273.8 KB )

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Calendar November 2019 (292.1 KB )

Calendar December 2019 (311 KB )


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