Bank of Lithuania

Prevention of corruption at the Bank of Lithuania

We aim at impartiality and transparency in the activities of the Bank of Lithuania; therefore, prevention of corruption is carried out on a permanent basis: we reveal and eliminate the reasons and conditions for corruption, implement measures for fighting corruption by deterring from corrupt criminal activities.

To the Bank of Lithuania

If you notice any cases of corruption or abuse of office at the Bank of Lithuania, report it online, by email, or phone +370 5 268 0151. At your request, confidentiality is guaranteed.

To the Special Investigation Service

If you have encountered corruption, you may also report it to the Special Investigation Service online, by email tl.tts@ksenarp, or phone +370 5 266 3333.

When reporting, indicate the persons who have committed or commit corrupt criminal activities, the place and time, and persons who can confirm the circumstances specified, as well as other information which is relevant in your opinion.


Other relevant information


Last update: 10-12-2021