Bank of Lithuania

Information Technology Department

Director of the IT Department – Levaldas Zigmantas

The objective of the IT Department is technological leadership in pursuing the objectives of the Bank of Lithuania.

The IT Department:

- Plans and coordinates IT architecture and IS security management, analyses IT security incidents, carries out IT system security checks as well as keeps in contact and coordinates actions with the European Central Bank and supervised financial market participants in relation to these issues

- Ensures continuous development and maintenance of data collection, management, storage, integration and payment systems. Moreover, the Department is in charge of the lifecycle of these systems, aiming to increase the value created for data and financial market participants and to enable timely data and technology-based solutions

- Takes care of the IT infrastructure, determines the directions of IT infrastructure development and provides services to the employees of the Bank of Lithuania

- Determines the direction of IT management, constantly improves the level of IT management maturity at the Bank of Lithuania and implements IT development projects using the best global IT management practices 

The Department is comprised of seven divisions: Architecture and Information System Security Division, Data Platform Division, Information System Support Division, Infrastructure Division, Payment Systems Division, Management Division, Operational Information Systems Division.

Last update: 09-06-2022