Bank of Lithuania

Data and Statistics Department

Ramūnas Baravykas, Director of the Data and Statistics Department

The objective of the Data and Statistics Department is to enable data-based solutions by ensuring that the highest quality data and statistics are available to internal units and the public and thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities of structural units of the Bank of Lithuania as well as to improve risk management. 

The Department develops data management policy and implements tasks necessary to achieve the objectives of the data management strategy and the higher maturity of data management by defining methods, processes, procedures and data architecture. The Department manages data according to the data value chain, i.e. by separating data governance, data and reporting collection, statistical production and methodological support and dissemination of data and statistics.

The data and statistical information produced by the Department are used for the production of euro area statistics, monetary policy decisions as well as other functions of the Bank of Lithuania and the European Central Bank. The department closely cooperates with other data and statistics-producing Lithuanian, EU and international institutions and participates in open data initiatives. It coordinates the implementation of the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard in Lithuania and systematically manages it. Seeking to ease the reporting burden for respondents, the Department maintains and develops securities and loan micro-databases. All statistics compiled are available on the Bank of Lithuania website free of charge.

The Department is comprised of five divisions: Data Governance Division, Data and Reporting Collection Division, Macroeconomic Statistics Division, Monetary and Financial Statistics Division, Data and Statistics Dissemination Division. 

Last update: 17-04-2024