Bank of Lithuania

Main supervisory reporting forms to be submitted by central credit unions as well as explanatory notes on their compilation are currently provided in the technical standards.

Information on changes to the reporting forms will be made available following the European Banking Authority’s revision of the Capital Requirements Directive and Regulation and the revision of related legal acts by the Bank of Lithuania.

Reporting form to be submitted by credit unions on a monthly basis:

  • Report on liquidity indicator (Form 7054)

Reporting forms to be submitted by credit unions on a quarterly basis:

  • Balance sheet statement (Form 7051)
  • Profit and Loss Account (Form 7052)
  • Other additional information, explanatory notes to financial statements
  • Supervisory reports on capital adequacy:
    • Capital adequacy report (Form 7057_1)
    • Report on capital requirements and capital adequacy ratios (Form 7057_2)
    • Report on credit exposures (Form 7057_3)
    • Report on foreign exchange risk (Form 7057_4)
    • Report on debt instrument risk (Form 7057_5)
    • Report on settlement risk (Form 7057_6)
    • Report on counterparty credit risk (Form 7057_7)
    • Report on operational risk (Form 7057_8)
  • Report on loan impairment (Form 7011)
  • Report on maximum exposure to a single borrower and large exposures (Form 7056)
  • Report on investment in non-equity securities (Form 7056)
  • Report on foreign currency holdings (Form 7055)
  • Additional information on a credit union (Form 7025)
  • Report on subordinated loans (Form 7014)
Last update: 25-11-2020