Bank of Lithuania

In December 2011, the deficit on the current account balance (CAB) of the country’s balance of payments grew month on month by LTL 238.4 million or 68 %. This change in the CAB was the result of an increase in the income balance deficit and the deficit on the current transfers balance (it happened for the first time). A positive figure (LTL 499.1 million) on the balance of the financial account on the balance of payments in December 2011 has formed as a result of net inflows of the portfolio investment and foreign direct investments (FDI) to Lithuania.

The above data was released by the Statistics Department of the Bank of Lithuania.

For more information on the country’s Balance of Payments for December 2011 see the Bank of Lithuania’s Statistical Release (112.8 KB download icon). Comprehensive data is presented on the website of the Bank of Lithuania.