Bank of Lithuania

Today, on 27 September, the Bank of Lithuania issued collector coins dedicated to its 100th anniversary. The coins are available in three denominations: €50 gold, €20 silver and €1.50 copper-nickel alloy.

“The Bank of Lithuania, established a century ago, and the current central bank are like two sides of the same coin: different, but at the same time closely related. Collector coins dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Bank of Lithuania perfectly embody this connection and continuity. Although their functions differ slightly, the interwar bank and the current Bank of Lithuania have been and continue to be committed to bringing benefits to society,” says Gedminas Šimkus, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

“Currency is not only an economic but also a cultural phenomenon, and central banks responsible for its issuance inevitably become cultural figures. Not only did the central bank of Lithuania in the interwar period issue banknotes created by the most famous artists of that time, but its own building in Kaunas, opened at the end of 1928, was an exceptional piece of public architecture,” writes Karolis Tumelis, historian and member of the Coin Creation Commission of the Bank of Lithuania, in the accompanying e-brochure.

According to him, the modern central bank operates in the cultural field by issuing collector and commemorative coins, something that the interwar bank did not do. The litas and euro coins, which are dedicated to Lithuania’s most important events, people, places, architectural and natural monuments, are designed as small-format works of art, while retaining their primary function as a means of payment.

The obverse of the new collector coins features a fragment of the interior of the building of the Bank of Lithuania in Kaunas, one of the most impressive buildings symbolising Kaunas’ prosperity in the interwar period: the two-storey Banking Operations Hall surrounded by a Corinthian colonnade with galleries on the second floor. The gallery on the second floor is surrounded by a balustrade, the glazed ceiling of the Banking Operations Hall is surrounded by caissons, painted in historical and mythological motifs (visitors to the Bank of Lithuania can still admire this hall today, as it houses the Bank’s cash offices). On the left, the composition features the Vytis, the symbol of the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania, the inscription “Lietuva” (Lithuania), the denomination and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint. The artistic composition of the reverse of the coins conveys a vision of the future in the language of symbols, incorporates the inscription “Lietuvos bankui 100” (Centenary of the Bank of Lithuania), a fragment of the logo of the Bank of Lithuania and the year 2022.

The edge of the gold coin is plain, while the edge of the silver coin bears the inscription LB100. The edge of the copper and nickel coin is rimmed.

The mintage of the gold coin is 3,000, 2,750 of the silver coin and 30,000 of the metal alloy coin. The coins were designed by Giedrius Paulauskis and minted at the Lithuanian Mint.

Coins can be purchased on the Bank of Lithuania e-shop and at the Bank of Lithuania cash offices in Vilnius and Kaunas.

The new coins will be presented to the public at the Bank of Lithuania building in Kaunas on 1 October. More details about the presentation are available here. Find out more about all events dedicated to the centenary of the Bank of Lithuania here.