Bank of Lithuania

The Bank of Lithuania is authorised to approve prospectuses, their annexes and takeover bid circulars as well as monitor issuers’ compliance with the requirements regulating information disclosure and fair trade.

Drawing up and publishing of the prospectus

  • An issuer is a legal entity that issues or proposes to issue securities.
  • The requirements for drawing up, approval and submission of the prospectus to the Bank of Lithuania are provided here (116.7 KB download icon) (in Lithuanian).

Disclosure of information

  • An issuer is a person whose securities have been admitted to trading in a regulated market.
  • Key requirements for issuers' managers, holders of voting rights and other financial market participants in relation to disclosure obligations are provided here (132.4 KB download icon) (in Lithuanian).

The list of issuers is available here. All public information on the issuers can be found in the Central Storage Facility.


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Last update: 31-01-2020