Bank of Lithuania

The development of Lithuania’s financial sector is important to increase competition and access to services, thereby creating high added value for our citizens, businesses and the national economy.

In order to strike the right balance between financial sector supervision and development, the Bank of Lithuania has separated these two activities and entrusted the development of the country’s financial sector to the Centre for Financial Market Development. The Centre seeks ways to strengthen the existing financial market players and attract new ones, promotes sustainable Fintech development and implements capital market development measures.

The Centre for Financial Market Development, in cooperation with other institutions, seeks to contribute to the development of the Lithuanian financial sector, so that financial undertakings with high added value can continue to be established and grow; and so that access to services and competition can increase. In addition to an active payments market, the focus is on attracting new entrants in other segments such as credit, capital and insurance markets. In the Fintech segment, the aim is to accelerate the development of WealthTech and InsurTech services.

Finansų rinkos plėtros centro sritys

Last update: 04-04-2024