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The Capital Market Council ensures a clear direction for capital market development and coherence of actions at national level.

The Capital Market Council (hereinafter - the Council) is composed of representatives of the financial market and high-level representatives of public authorities. The Council makes proposals for the implementation of capital market development measures and coordinates actions between the different institutions. It also takes care of the overall strategy for the development of the Lithuanian capital market and maintains a dialogue between the public authorities and market representatives.

Functions of the Capital Market Council:

  1. To coordinate the implementation of the Capital Market Development Guidelines;
  2. To make recommendations on solutions to Lithuanian capital market problems;
  3. To promote discussions between public authorities and market representatives;
  4. To develop a common position of Lithuanian capital market participants in European Union-wide initiatives.

Members of the Capital Market Council are the following institutions:

  • Bank of Lithuania 
  • Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania 
  • AB Nasdaq Vilnius
  • Nasdaq CSD Vilnius
  • Lithuanian Banking Association
  • Lithuanian Financial Brokers Association
  • FINTECH HUB LT Association
  • Lithuanian Peer-to-peer and Crowdfunding Association
  • Lithuanian Financial Analysts Association
  • Lithuanian Investment Managers' Association
  • Lithuanian Investment and Pension Funds' Association
  • Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
  • Investors Association
  • Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance
  • Unicorns Lithuania Association
  • Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists

The Centre for Financial Market Development of the Bank of Lithuania provides technical assistance to the Capital Market Council.

The rights and duties of the members of the Capital Market Council and the organisation of its work are laid down in the Regulations of the Capital Market Council.
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Last update: 30-12-2022