Bank of Lithuania

For supervisory purposes, electronic money institutions must submit to the Bank of Lithuania:

Within 20 calendar days following the end of each quarter:

  • Financial and activity reports for supervisory purposes (balance sheet statement, off-balance sheet statement, profit (loss) statement, statement of changes in equity, report on performance indicators and safeguarding of received funds, report on initial capital and own funds*)
  • Quarterly reports for supervision of the implementation of money laundering and/or terrorist financing prevention measures**

At the end of the year:

  • Reports on granted loans, funds deposited in an account, number of employees, and received complaints**
  • Set of annual financial statements approved by the general meeting of shareholders (audited, where audit of financial statements is mandatory) and the auditor’s report (for electronic money institutions that are financial institutions – within 3 days after the institution’s general meeting of shareholders, which must take place within 3 months after the end of the financial year; for electronic money institutions that are not financial institutions – no later than by 5 May of the following year)
  • Report on operational and security risks – at least annually, within 2 weeks of carrying out the assessment
  • Annual reports for supervision of the implementation of money laundering and/or terrorist financing prevention measures** – by March 1 of the following year

When deemed necessary:

  • Report on services** – within 30 days, if the institution starts providing new services (engaging in new activities)
  • Report on closure or restriction of an account – within 5 calendar days on the initiative of the credit institution
  • Notification template on major operational or security incidents
  • Notification template on the suspected fraudulent activities of the payer
  • Notification template on limiting access for an account information service provider or a payment initiation service provider to a payment account

* Submitted only by electronic money institutions that have a licence for unrestricted activity.

** Except for electronic money institutions that only engage in the collection of fees for utilities or other services provided on a regular basis for household needs, in the collection of fines and/or other charges to public authorities, and in the payment of social benefits.

*** If the electronic money institution is the account servicing payment service provider.

Last update: 07-05-2019