Bank of Lithuania

Reporting forms to be submitted by payment institutions:

Financial and activity reports for supervisory purposes:

  1. Form EM008_01 (balance sheet statement)
  2. Form EM008_02 (off-balance sheet statement)
  3. Form EM008_03 (profit (loss) statement)
  4. Form EM008_04 (statement of changes in equity)
  5. Form EM008_05 (report on performance indicators and safeguarding of received funds)
  6. Form EM_007 (report on initial capital and own funds)
  7. Form EM008_06 (report on granted loans)
  8. Form EM008_07 (report on funds deposited in a separate account)
  9. Form EM008_08 (report on the number of employees)
  10. Form EM008_09 (report on received complaints)
  11. Form EM008_10 (report on services)
  12. Form EM008_11 (report on closure or restriction of an account)
  13. Form EM008_12 (report on major changes of requirements for safeguarding of funds of electronic money holders and/or payment service users (from 1 January 2021) )
  14. Form EM008_13 (report on compliance of terms and conditions of the professional indemnity insurance contract or other comparable guarantee with requirements of legal acts (from 1 January 2021))
  15. Form EM008_14 (report on calculation of minimum monetary amount of professional indemnity insurance or other comparable guarantee (from 1 January 2021))


Reports for supervision of the implementation of money laundering and/or terrorist financing prevention measures:

  1. Form EM0010_01 (report on customers with whom business relationships are established)
  2. Form EM0010_02 (report on significant payment transactions)
  3. Form EM0010_03 (report on payment transactions related to foreign countries)
  4. Form EM0010_04 (report on monitoring)
  5. Form EM0010_05 (report on foreign customers and their payment transactions)
  6. Form EM0010_06 (report on activities of intermediaries)


Operational or security incident reports:

  1. Notification template on major operational or security incidents (OPRISK)
  2. Notification template on the suspected fraudulent activities of the payer (FRAUD)
  3. Notification template on limiting access for an account information service provider or a payment initiation service provider to a payment account (BLOCK)


Operational or security risk report


Last update: 09-09-2020