Bank of Lithuania


Illegal financial services

The list of entities without the right to provide financial (including investment) services in Lithuania

Updated 15 January 2020
The Bank of Lithuania, having assessed available information and aiming at protecting interests of the consumers, has updated the list of entities without the right to provide financial services in Lithuania yet offering them, and providing trading possibilities on the websites administered by them.

Website Name of the company Grinta Holdings Limited No data No data LLC “BCS Company” EU PAY LTD
Finaxis Forex IM Ltd
Trustfx, Inc
KontoFx ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Limited Arrow  Capital Ltd insightGroup OU
Dream Equity Ltd No data
happyfinance.clu No data ImmediaTE Edge Horizons LTD (prekinis ženklas – MarketsSoft) Bitcoin Future No data No data Bitcoin Revolution CapitalXP GBPay No data
Cubic Services LTD CG Bank S.A.
Compagnie Bancaire du Golfe S.A AFT Capitals Ten Barosh OU
Gatelinas, UAB
Max Capital Limited Nėra duomenų S24 Trading Limited
Stock Trade 24 Inc
St Manor Ltd Nėra duomenų PTBank
(trademark – Olympus Markets, Aspen Holding)
Next Trade Ltd
TLC Consulting Ltd VET-TRADE.COM LTD Barclay's Bank Branch Lithuania 
(Former Bcly Savings Bank),,
Cannabisfortune Citadel Capital FX Goldberg Trade
AlgoFX Trade Red-trade
SkyWay Capital
SWI inc
SkyWay Lietuva SBMmartkets LTD
LARYSTA MANAGEMENT OU KB Capitals FXNOBELS Get Financial Markets Ltd. Prisma Global LTD Vortex Finance Ltd. BullBearMarkets Ltd. Valley Marketing Ltd. Glencoe Partners LTD
Cohen Group EOOD CT-Trade Maxi Platinum Ltd.
Strategy One Ltd. GAIN Global Markets Inc. Trademark – Forex Bot Pro No data Indy Group Ltd. Trademark - GTRtrade FIRST SKYWAY INVEST GROUP LTD. International WEB Brokers Limited (trademark – Markets Invest) International WEB Brokers Limited (trademark – FX-Dealer) Global I Gold Online Limited (trademark – Global InterGold) TRSystem Ltd. (trademark – CFDS100) KINTEKA OU (trademark  Green Fields Capital) Bitday Limited International WEB Brokers Limited Maxi Platinum Ltd
Maxi Services Ltd. International WEB Brokers Limited AllProTech OÜ
BewiTech OU
GlobalFXM​ Merit Financial Services Ltd. Indy Group Ltd. GN Capital Limited (trademark – PWRTrade) Black Parrot limited Nona Marketing Ltd. (trademark – FTO Capital) Safe Side Consulting LTD No data Highlow Markets Pty Ltd 1pool Ltd. No data
Real Trade Group
VŠĮ Real Trade

Jedi Marketing ltd Nostro Technology OÜ
Nostro Technology Limited IDB Trades
FXOpen Markets Limited
FXOpen AU Pty Ltd. FBS Markets Inc
Tradestone Limited
Parallax Incorporated Shift Forex LLC
Berkshire Capital Securities LLC Shark Tips Binatex group
Yulanta Business Ltd No data CapXM, LTD Grand Services LTD, Nordic Pearl Limited Worldwide Markets Limited,
Trademark „Markets Invest“ GMoption & LinkGM Limited Sharp Angle Ltd.
Solid Stone Doo Podgorica
Royal Capital Ltd. UAB LINARIUS Trademark „Forex.Lt“ Trademark „NordFX” Alpari Limited Trademark „Forex“ Agea Jinrong DOO Trademark „FOREX PREKYBA“ Trademark „Forex prekiautojo portalas“ My Forex VPS Trademark „Forexa“ Credo Trade Trademark „Forex Trader Portal“ Trademark „“ Bitday Limited IMPROFOREX LIMITED Trademark „FOREXabc“ Trademark „Investicijų patarėjas“ Bitday Limited Binary Sviss, Precise Services OU YFX Capital
T.W Capital LTD
Trust Company Complex Everest Trade Strategy One Ltd. Xtrade International Ltd (previously – Financial Arena Ltd) ARMAX.TRADE 
Vellamo Holdings Corp. GFBroker
Global Financial Broker
International WEB
Brokers Ltd
Worldwide Markets Ltd MRTmarkets
KHO Tech Ltd Global Financial Traders

Public disclosure of significant net short positions

Public disclosure of significant net short positions


Let us remind that investment services may permanently and professionally be provided only by:

  1. financial brokerage firms holding a licence of a financial brokerage firm issued by the Bank of Lithuania or the supervisory authority of another European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEE) country;   
  2. credit institutions licensed in Lithuania or another EU or EEE country, where they have the right to grant investment services under their credit institution licence;
  3. financial advisor companies holding a licence of a financial advisor company issued by the supervisory authority.

The list of companies having the right to provide investment services in our country is available on the Bank of Lithuania website. Where the company is not on this list, the Bank of Lithuania insists on not making use of its services.

Three rules of prudence for retail investors

The Bank of Lithuania warns to beware of companies operating in the market for investment instruments on illegal grounds or of their representatives, in multiple ways seeking to misappropriate the funds of investors.

The first rule – do not to invest in products you are not knowledgeable about. By neglecting this advice, you not only risk losing your savings, but also going into debt. 

The second rule – check out if the institution offering investment services holds the appropriate licence. You can do this on the Bank of Lithuania website under Licensing. Remember – company name must fully coincide with that indicated on the Bank of Lithuania website.

The third rule – avoid proposals promising ‘easy money’ and ‘no risk’. Investors often lose their funds lured by ‘very attractive investment proposals’ (‘a large variety of flexible products’, ‘minimum risks and guaranteed profits’, ‘small initial fees and the possibility to trade using a high leverage’, ‘we offer bonuses to start trading’, ‘very flexible and exclusive trading conditions’, ‘low or not applicable service fees’, ‘attribution of a personal consultant (broker)’, etc.) from ‘brokers’ on the phone, and entrusting their funds to fraudsters.

Last update: 15-01-2020