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Lithuania’s financial accounts for Q1 2021

At the end of Q1 2021, financial assets of households1 amounted to €56.7 billion and were more than four times higher than liabilities, which stood at €13.4 billion at the end of the same period.

The largest share of financial assets of households is held with non-financial corporations, which amounted to €23.3 billion. Liabilities to these corporations comprised €0.8 billion. Financial assets of households held with monetary financial institutions stood at €22.2 billion, whereas liabilities to them were twice lower and amounted to €11.3 billion. Household investment in investment funds was the lowest. Financial assets in this sector amounted to just €0.5 billion.

We would like to inform data users that the Bank of Lithuania took over the compilation and publication of the annual financial accounts statistics from Statistics Lithuania. Financial accounts annual data for 1995–2020 will be published on the Bank of Lithuania website on 4 October.

Detailed Q1 2021 data on financial assets and liabilities of households as well as other sectors is available on the Bank of Lithuania website (under Financial accounts statistics, Debt indicators of institutional sectors and Financial assets and liabilities of households).

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1Including non-profit institutions serving households.