Bank of Lithuania

In June 2013 the monetary financial institutions’ (MFI) net external assets increased by LTL 1.9 billion and amounted to LTL 8.8 billion. Over the month, M3 broad monetary aggregate increased by LTL 76.9 million, and its annual growth rate at the end of the month was 5.6 per cent. The major impact on the increase in M3 came from a rise in currency in circulation (LTL 301.0 million) and in debt securities with a maturity of up to 2 years (LTL 125.2 million), but this rise was reduced by a drop in overnight deposits and in deposits with an agreed maturity of up to 2 years (LTL 191.8 million and LTL 164.5 million respectively). In June, domestic credit shrank by LTL 67.9 million, as a result of a decline in credit to general government of LTL 128.4 million and a rise in credit to other residents of LTL 60.6 million. The share of other MFIs’ lending to households in euro was declining steadily — from 73.2 per cent (at the end of December 2011) to 70.1 per cent (at the end of June 2013), with the respective increase in the share of loans in litas.

The above data was released by the Statistics Department of the Bank of Lithuania.

For more information on Monetary Survey and Balance Sheet of other MFIs see the Bank of Lithuania Statistical release (76.1 KB download icon). Comprehensive data is presented on the website of the Bank of Lithuania.