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The Bank of Lithuania and Statistics Lithuania inform that in Q2 2015 foreign direct investment flow into Lithuania and the Lithuanian direct investment flow abroad were increasing.

It should be noted that in calculating the direct investment for Q2 2015, the direct investment data for 2014 and Q1 2015 was revised and data from 2004–2007 was additionally published. In addition, the direct investment reviewed in this release has been calculated by applying the directional principle, i.e. having assessed reverse investments. For this reason, the data differs from the direct investment information presented in the Balance of Payments and in the International Investment Position, where these investments have been calculated by applying the assets and liabilities principle.

See the Statistical Release (320.2 KB download icon) for more detailed direct investment data for Q2 2015.

For the breakdown of detailed direct investment data by countries and types of economic activity, see the section Statistics on the Bank of Lithuania's website. Information on direct investments is also available on the Statistics Lithuania Official Statistics Portal.