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       13 January 2011       BALANCE OF PAYMENTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA, NOVEMBER 2010 (key indicators)   An increased flow of non-repayable current transfers to Lithuania was behind a remaining surplus of the current account balance (CAB) of the country’s balance of payments b for November 2010. To compare with October, the November CAB surplus contracted by LTL 24.8 million. A negative balance of the November financial account of the balance of payments (LTL – 468.7 million) was mainly effected by the outflow of the portfolio investment and other investment from Lithuania.     Current account. In November 2010, the CAB surplus of the country’s balance of payments was LTL 17.8 million (in October – LTL 42.6 million). According to preliminary estimates, the CAB surplus in January–November 2010 made up LTL 1.2 billion. To compare with January–November 2009, the CAD surplus shrank by 38.5%. CAB and composite balances -800 -400 0 400 800 1,200 1,600 2,000 11 2009 12 01 2010 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 LTL millions CAB Trade balance Balance of services Income balance Balance of current transfers   According to the data of the Statistics Lithuania, in November 2010, export of goods decreased by 0.3% on a monthly basis, while import of goods increased by 5%. In November, h the foreign trade balance deficit totalled LTL 654.5 million (in October it made up LTL 356.3 million).     In January–November 2010, export and import of goods grew year-on-year by 31.9% and 31.8% respectively, while export, excluding mineral products, increased by 28.2% and import – by 24.1%. The export increase was driven by a 48.3% surge in export of oil products, a 47.6% boost in export of ground vehicles and a 38.2% growth of exports of boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances. The import increase was driven by a 47.1% boost in import of crude oil, a 65.4% surge in imports of ground veh

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