Bank of Lithuania

A significant increase of the surplus of the balance of current transfers in July 2012 offset increasing deficits of trade and income balances, therefore, a surplus of current account balance (CAB) persisted also in July, although, on a monthly basis, it contracted by more than twice. A negative value (LTL –840.2 million) of the balance of the financial account in the balance of payments in July 2012 resulted from a significant boost of official reserves.

In July 2012, the CAB surplus of Lithuania’s balance of payments made up LTL 49.5 million. According to preliminary estimates, in January–July 2012 the CAB was in deficit amounting to LTL 2.2 billion, while year-on-year, the CAB surplus was LTL 1.1 billion. Within recent 12 months (August 2011 – July 2012), the CAB deficit made up LTL 2.8 billion.

The above data was released by the Statistics Department of the Bank of Lithuania.

For more information on the country’s Balance of Payments for July 2012 see the Bank of Lithuania’s Statistical Release (156.9 KB download icon). Comprehensive data is presented on the website of the Bank of Lithuania.