Bank of Lithuania

A current account balance (CAB) deficit emerged in the country’s balance of payments in January 2013. Compared to January 2012, it didn’t increase by much (LTL 8.7 million); however in December 2012 a CAB surplus was recorded. The deficit was determined by the trade and income balance deficits, which were not offset by the balances of services and current transfers in surplus. The positive value of the January 2013 balance of payments financial account balance (LTL 435.6 million) was generated by growing foreign direct investment (FDI) in Lithuania.

The above data was released by the Statistics Department of the Bank of Lithuania.

For more information on the country’s Balance of Payments for October 2012 see the Bank of Lithuania’s Statistical Release (34.1 KB download icon). Comprehensive data is presented on the website of the Bank of Lithuania.