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The surplus balances of services and secondary income in Q2 2016 did not offset the increasing foreign demand and primary income balance deficits; thus, a current account deficit of EUR 389.6 million built up. The negative EUR 175.2 million financial account balance in Q2 2016 was due to liabilities to non-residents increasing more than claims.
At the end of Q2 2016, the negative international investment position balance (EUR 17.9 billion) showed that Lithuania is a debtor vis-a-vis the rest of the world. In this period, the gross debt amounted to EUR 31.4 billion, or 83.5 per cent of GDP, while the net debt — EUR 11.3 billion, or 30.1 per cent of GDP.

It should be noted that in drawing up the balance of payments for Q2 2016 the balance of payments data for the 2014–2015 quarters and for Q1 2016 was recalculated, the historical data for the quarters of 2004–2007 — revised.
This new data was released today by the Statistics Department of the Economics and Financial Stability Service at the Bank of Lithuania.
For more information on the country’s Balance of Payments for Q2 2016, see the Bank of Lithuania’s Statistical Release (226.1 KB ). Comprehensive balance of payments data is also published on the Bank of Lithuania’s website.