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Researchers in economics and students that had already defended their theses can apply for the Bank of Lithuania’s awards for scientific activities of up to €10 thousand to be granted. One of the most important conditions for the applicants – they have to be Lithuanian-born or their research activities have to be linked with Lithuanian education institutions. The deadline for submitting applications – 30 September.

‘With the Vladas Jurgutis Award, the Bank of Lithuania aims to encourage economists not only to comment on today’s economic climate but also not to lose sight of economic processes that will impact our future in the long run. Sometimes the impact of individual insights is not immediately apparent but collectively they can aid in steering the country’s economic policy to the right direction,’ said Marius Jurgilas, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.
The Vladas Jurgutis Award (€10 thousand) is granted for significant scientific research works of Lithuanian economists or foreign economists linked with Lithuanian education institutions carried out within the last five years – published scientific papers, monographs or books. 

The Bank of Lithuania Award for Dissertation in the Field of Economics (€5 thousand) is granted to the authors of the best dissertations in economics or related fields, defended over the last two years up to August 1 of the current year.
Applications can be submitted in both Lithuanian and English and all documents can be sent via email.

The papers submitted are assessed by a commission comprising scientists from the Bank of Lithuania’s Center for Excellence in Finance and Economic Research (CEFER) and representatives of Lithuanian and foreign universities. After assessing all submitted papers, the decision to grant awards will be taken in January next year.

Last year, out of 4 applications submitted the co-authored paper titled The Non-equivalence of Labour Market Taxes: a Real-Effort Experiment by Matthias Gerhard Weber and Arthur Schram was granted the Vladas Jurgutis Award.

While Ada Kovaliukaitė, selected as the best out 17 applicants, received the Award for Dissertation in the Field of Economics for her dissertation The Role of Strategic Beliefs in Understanding Strategic, Pro-social and Socially Complementary Behavior

More information on the Bank of Lithuania awards for scientific activities is available here.