Bank of Lithuania

Read educational material prepared by the Bank of Lithuania and the European Central Bank, and find out what actions you should take if you receive a suspicious banknote or coin. A  lot of useful and important information is also available for cash handlers – credit institutions and other payment service providers, to the extent that this is related to the provision of payment services, as well as other institutions involved in the handling of euro banknotes and coins and their recirculation, including :

  • establishments, whose activity is related to exchanging banknotes and coins of different currencies, e.g. the currency exchange;
  • companies providing CIT services;
  • other economic entities, e.g. trading and service provision companies and casinos, to the extent that this is related to their additional activity of being involved in banknote handling and recirculation through cash dispensers.

Cash handlers also check whether banknotes and coins are fit for circulation and whether they are counterfeit. 

For cash handlers


Last update: 03-02-2021