Bank of Lithuania
May 17
May 18
May 19

The Bank of Lithuania is pleased to announce the 1st Baltic Central Banks Invited Lecture Series and Conference. The inaugural lecture will be given by Elhanan Helpman. The lecture’s topic is “Frontiers of International Trade” and will cover key elements of modern international trade, including the roles of firm heterogeneity, multinational corporations, and global supply chains.

The lecture is intended for researchers, both at policy institutions and universities, and advanced-level PhD students. Lectures will be combined with a conference. 

Please note that attending lectures and paper presentations are mutually exclusive i.e. lecture attendees do not necessarily have to present paper, and vice versa.

Details of the lecture and the conference are as follows:

  • Lecture: May 17, 2023 (4 hours) and May 18, 2023 (4 hours)
  • Conference: May 19, 2023

Event location: The event will be in the beautiful old town of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. More information here:

Last update: 28-03-2023