Bank of Lithuania

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Bank of Lithuania, together with the Eurosytem, started implementing the pandemic emergency purchase programme (PEPP) which has an overall envelope of €1350 billion. Moreover, the expanded asset purchase programme has also been implemented since March 2015. The Bank of Lithuania organises auctions for the purchase of domestic Republic of Lithuania government securities, while securities issued in international markets are purchased by the central bank on the secondary market through bilateral transactions. When announcing the results of purchases under the public sector purchase programme (PSPP), the Bank of Lithuania follows the same transparency policy as other euro area national central banks and the ECB. The value of securities purchased (held) by the Bank of Lithuania for monetary policy purposes is published once a month on the ECB website. On a weekly basis, the Eurosystem publishes the aggregate book value of securities purchased under the PSPP, while on a monthly basis – their total amounts and weighted average maturities for each country. 


Purchases of domestic Republic of Lithuania government securities

Last date of data update: 22-07-2021

Domestic government securities purchased as of 2020 (cumulative amount)


Last date of data update: 22-07-2021

Last update: 16-06-2020