Bank of Lithuania


The obverse of the coin features an outline of Lithuania and the Vytis – the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania – formed from a motif of plots of arable land, the inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA) at the top, and below, in a semicircle: the denomination (€5), the year of issue (2020), and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint.


The reverse of the coin depicts a motif of the World Tree formed from intertwining DNA strands and stalks of grain, with the inscription ŽEMĖS ŪKIO MOKSLAI (AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES) at the top.

Denomination: €5
Composition: gold Au 999
Diameter (mm): 13.92
Weight (g): 1.244
Quality: proof

Designed by Rytas Jonas Belevičius

Edge of the coin: plain
Release date: Q4 2020
Mintage: 2,500 pcs
Series: Lithuanian Science
Minted at the Lithuanian Mint
Last update: 28-09-2020