Bank of Lithuania
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Strategic objectives of the Bank of Lithuania

The Board of the Bank of Lithuania has established the country’s central bank’s 2014–2016 strategic objectives, taking account the mission carried out by the Bank of Lithuania, defined vision and in accordance with the institutional values:

- timely identification of the structural problems of the financial system and ensure that they are effectively addressed with macro-prudential and other regulative measures;

- to become a centre of excellence that prepares high-quality applied analysis, which allows for high-quality decisions necessary for sustainable economic development;

- to increase the circulation of cash, effectiveness of payment and settlement systems, and to maintain the security of operations;

- managed to achieve a greater return on reserves investment;

- to offer a new, quality credit union business model and implement it, reduce the adverse effects to the public caused by the growth of fast credits;

- the smooth implementation of the changeover plan measures assigned to the bank, to cooperate with other institutions involved in the euro adoption process and to assist them;

- to become an attractive and competitive employer, having implemented a human resources management system which is both modern and in line with the specifics of a central bank’s activities;

- to be among the three most effective central banks in the Nordic and Baltic region.