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The Bank of Lithuania prompts residents and trade enterprises to avoid accepting litas banknotes stained with ink and, in case such banknotes were received, to notify the nearest police station immediately. Such recommendation is provided due to the fact that banknotes marked with special ink may be offered after the seizure of an ATM belonging to AB Swedbank in Kaunas.

The theft took place in one of the shops during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, 18 April, law-enforcing bodies are investigating the crime.

“We were informed that 20 litas, 50 litas and 200 litas banknotes were stained with blue-coloured security ink during the theft. We would like to note that special ink used for protection cannot be cleaned by any chemical substances and remains soaked in banknote paper. Such stained banknotes are considered to be illicitly obtained. The Bank of Lithuania does not compensate the value of such money and does not return them to the person that submitted them”, said Mr. Algimantas Sodeika, Head of the Currency Examination Division of the Cash Department.


Special protection equipment has been used in ATMs in Lithuania already for several years. When an ATM is opened illegally, the banknotes inside it are spilled with special ink used for the protection against theft, i.e. the banknotes become “marked”.

The samples of banknotes stained with special ink used for the protection against theft are published on the Bank of Lithuania website.