Bank of Lithuania

Today in Vilnius, the representatives of the central banks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will discuss the urgent issues of economic and financial development, international cooperation and risk management in their countries.

The Director of the International Relations Department Justas Minkevičius said, “In the general meeting, each Baltic State will present the review of the macroeconomic development of its country. Other aspects of the activities of central banks will be analysed in the Macroeconomics and Research Working Group, Operational Risk Management Issues Working Group, and European and International Issues Working Group.”

Justas Minkevičius noted that the most important and interesting topics on the agenda were related to economic research, the application of macroeconomic and financial sector analysis, model forecast as well as the issues of the preparation for the euro adoption and Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Such a seminar was organised for the first time eighteen years ago. By common consent, this event is organised by the central banks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in turn in their home countries.