Bank of Lithuania
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On 19 May, the Bank of Lithuania will issue into circulation the €2 commemorative coin dedicated to Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme). The coin will be available for purchase from 12 May on the Bank of Lithuania e-shop

The national side of the coin depicts the characteristic surroundings of Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve: remote islands of a unique bird lake and Lithuania’s largest wetland as well as its distinctive fauna. In the foreground there is a great bittern reaching for a fire-bellied toad floating in the water. In rushes depicted on the right, there is an aquatic warbler, above it – a flock of common cranes and a mute swan, symbolising the establishment of the Reserve.

The national side of the coin was designed by Eglė Ratkutė and Ernestas Žemaitis, while the common side is the same as on circulation coins.

The mintage of the coin dedicated to Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve is 500,000 pcs, of which 5,000 pcs are of BU quality in a numismatic package.

Attention! Following the amended Regulations for the Sale of Numismatic Items of the Bank of Lithuania, during the pre-sale of numismatic items or on their issue day, one buyer is entitled to purchase no more than two BU-quality coins (previously – five coins), so that more collectors are able to purchase a certain coin. More information can be found here

€2 commemorative coins are legal tender across the entire euro area.

Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve is included in UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves under the Man and the Biosphere Programme.