Bank of Lithuania
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In response to the substantial increase in the demand for Lithuanian collector and commemorative coins, the Bank of Lithuania amended the Regulations for the Sale of Numismatic Items.

In order to ensure that new numismatic items issued by the Bank of Lithuania can be purchased by more customers, the number of coins that may be acquired by one person has been reduced. One person may purchase the following number of numismatic items during their pre-sale at the e-shop and on the first day of their sale:

  • collector coins struck of precious metals – no more than 1 piece of each (instead of 2 pieces);
  • commemorative coins with the Lithuanian national side in a numismatic package – no more than 2 pieces of each (instead of 5 pieces).

After that, the number of Bank of Lithuania coins purchased at the e-shop will not be limited.

The newest coin to be issued is the 2-euro commemorative coin dedicated to Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve. Its pre-sale at the e-shop will start on 12 May.

The Board of the Bank of Lithuania approved this amendment to the Regulations on 10 May, with effect from 12 May 2021.