Bank of Lithuania
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By decision of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, the €5 gold collector coin dedicated to Agricultural Sciences (from the series “Lithuanian Science”), previously planned for issue on 25 November, was postponed to 30 November. The pre-sale of the coin will start on 23 November, 8:00 (EET).

Such a decision was taken due to disruptions in operation of the Bank of Lithuania’s e-shop during the pre-sale on 18 November, which were caused by newly installed IT security tools. Having not received any payments, the system automatically cancelled all orders placed before 9:00. As a result of this incident, more than 400 people lost the opportunity to purchase the collector coin on 18 November and later (due to the established limit for one buyer to purchase no more than 2 coins during the pre-sale).

In light of these circumstances, and in order to create a level playing field for those wishing to acquire the coin dedicated to Agricultural Sciences, all pre-orders made on 18 November were cancelled and the new pre-sale and issue dates were set.
The Bank of Lithuania has also initiated an internal inspection of incidents recurring on its e-shop.

We sincerely apologise for all the inconveniences and thank you for your patience.