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Having successfully installed technical updates, the Bank of Lithuania e-shop,, has been overhauled. Now users will easily find the coins they are looking for (more sorting options are available), change the location where they wish to pick up the coin (Vilnius or Kaunas). The new improvements will also ensure faster customer service at the Bank of Lithuania Cash Offices.

With the new e-shop, an updated version of the Regulations for the Sale of Numismatic Items of the Bank of Lithuania  will come into effect, with the key amendments being:

  • The total mintage of coins will be placed on the e-shop once pre-order starts, i.e. five days before the official date of the issue of the coins.
  • The coins will be available for purchase at the cash offices on the official day of their issue only if the entire mintage has not been already sold during the pre-sale stage. If all the coins will be sold on the e-shop prior to the day of their issue into circulation, there will no further sale at the Bank of Lithuania Cash Offices.
  • Part of the total mintage may be used for representation of the Bank of Lithuania, municipal institutions or relevant organisations as well as sale at trade fairs.

These amendments will ensure clearer distribution of the coins.  As before, during pre-sale and on the day of the issue of the coins, a single person will be able to purchase no more than two or five collector coins (depending on the metal).  Later, no restrictions will apply.