Bank of Lithuania

Today the Bank of Lithuania has issued into circulation the 50 litas collectors (commemorative) silver coin depicting the Vilnius Upper Castle reminding a dignified past of the country. In its heart – the Gediminas Tower– the public was introduced with the coin – the tenth from the coin series dedicated for historical and architectural monuments of Lithuania.

”This is the top of the project, demonstrating a gracious link of stylized pictures of the past and present. It is significant that this coin immortalizes an  outstanding symbol of Vilnius,  the capital of our State, widely known in the world,” said Mr Audrius Misevičius, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, Chairman of the Currency Design and Production Commission.

The author of the newest coin is a talented coin artist, sculptor Rytas Jonas Belevičius. After a successful start in coin tenders some ten year ago (as the author and co-author), he has already created 15 coins.

The first coins of this series dedicated to the Trakai Island Castle (2002), Vilnius Cathedral (2003) are also Rytas Jonas Belevičius’ sculptural interpretation made according to drawings of the artist Vladas Polikša. As the author or co-author, Rytas Jonas Belevičius contributed in the creation of five coins of this series.

The coins minted with precision at the Lithuanian Mint are accompanied by a booklet presenting a comprehensive historical and architectural review of the Upper Castle written by Doctor Napaleonas Kitkauskas, a well-known researcher of the Vilnius architecture.

”We hope that the coin dedicated to the Upper Castle will strongly focus the attention of everyone interested in collectors coins, also in Lithuania’s history, its culture,” said Mr  Audrius Misevičius.

According to him, currently there are no intentions to continue this series of 50 litas silver coins dedicated to historical and architectural monuments of Lithuania. The previous specimen of this series depicted and immortalized the Pažaislis Monastery of Camandolese Monks (2004), Kernavė (2005), the Medininkai Castle (2006), the Panemunė Castle (2007, the Kaunas  Castle (2008), the Tytuvėnai Architectural Ensemble (2009), the Biržai Castle (2010).

During the presentation Mr Audrius Misevičius reminded that 1 October would be the day of the 19th anniversary of the creation of Lithuania’s national monetary system after the restoration of its independence and becoming of the talonas a provisional monetary unit. Lithuania’s currency bearing a historical name Litas was put into circulation on 25 June 1993. The first collectors (commemorative) coin issued by the Bank of Lithuania – 10 litas coin – dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the flight across the Atlantic Ocean by Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas, was minted of copper and nickel alloy in 1993. Afterwards, precious metals – silver and gold – were used for striking of coins. The Bank of Lithuania has already issued 70 names’ collector coins and 7 names’ circulation commemorative coins.

The newest coin is sold at the cash offices of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius (Totorių Str. 2), Kaunas (Maironio Str. 25), and Klaipėda (Naujoji Uosto Str. 16). The price of the coin with a display box is LTL 170, without a display box – LTL 150.  The mintage of the coin is 5.000 pieces.