Bank of Lithuania
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In 2022, collectors will be able to purchase new and interesting coins issued by Lithuania’s central bank. Collector and commemorative euro coins will be issued in 8 different themes.

A €2 commemorative coin will be dedicated to celebrating 100 years of basketball in Lithuania. Another €2 commemorative coin will mark the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme (the coin will also be issued by other euro area member states).

The year 2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Bank of Lithuania and 3 collector coins will be issued to commemorate the occasion: a €50 gold coin, a €20 silver coin and a €1.5 coin minted from a metal alloy. A €50 gold coin will also be issued to commemorate the centenary of the Constitution of the State of Lithuania.

The Bank of Lithuania will highlight the issue of climate change by issuing a collector coin dubbed “There Is No Planet B”, which will be dedicated to environmental protection. Artificial intelligence, another topic of high relevance today, will also be commemorated by a silver collector coin.

Moreover, the Bank of Lithuania will introduce additions to its coin series: it plans to issue €1.5 and €5 collector coins dedicated to the fairy tale “Zuikis Puikis”, continuing the coin series “Tales from My Childhood”, and a €2 commemorative coin dedicated to the region of Suvalkija, in continuation of the series “Lithuanian Ethnographic Regions”. The central bank will also issue its annual numismatic set of euro circulation coins.