Bank of Lithuania

The fourth issue of 2002 of Monetary Studies, a journal published by the Bank of Lithuania, has appeared, featuring analysis of theoretical and practical issues in monetary, banking, financial and economic areas by experts in economics and finance.

The paper by Aleksandras Vasiliauskas and Eduardas Vilkas “A Long-term Strategy for Lithuania’s Economic Development: Methodological Principles and Strategic Decisions” provides a concise discussion of the draft project of the Lithuanian economic development strategy.

Juozas Bivainis and Algirdas Butkevičius in “National Budget Expenditure Planning” deal with the analysis of the national budget expenditure planning and cover the legal, methodological and informational aspects of expenditure planning.

“Development, Risk and Sustainability Level of Lithuania’s State Debt” by Algė Budrytė and Lukas Tursa reviews the development of Lithuania’s public debt since the restoration of independence in 1991 and its current condition, analyses the Government’s borrowing strategy, methods and its development in the domestic market, offers a statistical analysis of the key debt indicators and discusses debt management quality.

“Principles of Pension Economics” by Romas Lazutka focuses on one of the most urgent issues of the ageing population in Europe, the economic aspects of pension systems.

The paper by Paul A. David and Dominique Foray “Economic Fundamentals of the Knowledge Society” discusses the key issues in the development of knowledge-based economies.