Bank of Lithuania

As of 30 July 2003, a new 50 litas commemorative coin dedicated to Vilnius Cathedral is issued into circulation (from the series "Historical and Architectural Monuments of Lithuania").

The graphic design of the coin was made by Vladas Poliksa, and the gypsum model by Rytis Jonas Belevicius. Diameter of the silver coin (Ag 925) is 38.61 mm and its mass is 28.28 g. The edge of the coin bears the inscription ISTORIJOS IR ARCHITEKTŪROS PAMINKLAI. The mintage of the coin is 1500 pieces. The price of the coin is LTL 90.

This is the second coin already in the series "Historical and Architectural Monuments of Lithuania". The first commemorative coin of these series created by the same authors was dedicated to the Trakai Island Castle. The coin was issued at the end of September 2002; by now, the entire mintage has been distributed already. According to the statement of the Cash Department Director Arunas Dulkys, “the new commemorative coin should also attract considerable attention of the numismatists”.

Additional information: The coin can be obtained from the cash offices of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius (2 Totorių St), Kaunas (25 Maironio St) and Klaipėda (16 Naujoji uosto St).