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The Bank of Lithuania has recently been contacted by a number of people asking how to cash cheques in Lithuania. There is no such possibility.

Owing to the worldwide decline in popularity of cheques as a means of payment (mostly due to modern financial technologies), their risky nature (due to the use of cheques for fraud), etc., commercial banks in the European Union have been gradually abandoning the provision of cheque cashing services. According to the data available to the Bank of Lithuania, banks operating in Lithuania do not provide this service and have no intention of providing it in the future.

We suggest people that have cheques and cannot cash them to apply to the entity that drew the cheque with the request to pay the funds in another way (e.g. cross-border transfer) or to cash the cheque in the country where it was drawn. If needed, people may apply to the Bank of Lithuania for a document certifying that cheque cashing services are not provided in Lithuania.

A cheque is a payment document whereby its drawer orders the bank to pay unconditionally an amount indicated in the cheque to its drawee or bearer.