Bank of Lithuania
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The Bank of Lithuania informs that UAB PAYRNET has already begun to return funds to its clients. We invite you to contact the company directly by email to [email protected] or an agent who provided services on behalf of UAB PAYRNET regarding all questions about the terms and conditions of the settlement procedure. 

The latest information on the settlement procedure of UAB PAYRNET is available on the company’s website. Please note that the institution must settle with its clients within 2 months at the latest from the date of licence revocation. The funds are to be returned to the accounts specified by clients opened with credit or other electronic money or payment institutions.

The Bank of Lithuania monitors the systematic settlement of UAB PAYRNET with its clients and seeks to ensure that consumer rights and legitimate interests are not violated. Please note that, according to legal acts, following the revocation of UAB PAYRNET’s licence, the Bank of Lithuania no longer has the authority to deal with individual consumer disputes related to the company. Should they arise due to the fact and scope of the provision of payment services, return of funds or other issues, customers should apply to court.

The electronic money institution licence of UAB PAYRNET was revoked on 22 June 2023  for serious violations.