Bank of Lithuania

The inaugural Baltic Economics Conference starts in Vilnius today, during which the Baltic Economic Association is to be established and Baltic Journal of Economics, a journal of economics in English, to become an official scientific outlet of the Association. The keynote speaker of the first conference is Hashem Pesaran, professor of the University of Cambridge and the University of Southern California, who contributed to a wide range topics on economics and econometrics, including a global economic model revealing how economic crises spread among countries.

‘We aim to bring together the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian researchers so as to put the Baltic countries on the global map, attract more acclaimed professors and encourage interest in the economics of the Baltic states. All three countries face similar economic challenges and issues, thus working together would mean more joint research and projects on relevant topics and having more say in international fora as well,’ said Marius Jurgilas, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

The keynote speaker of this year’s conference Hashem Pesaran, professor of the University of Cambridge and the University of Southern California, will make a presentation on uncertainty and economic activity from a multi-country perspective. The presentation will be broadcasted live at the Bank of Lithuania website from 11.10 (local time).

At the Conference taking place on 11–12 June, 26 discussion sessions will be held, where as much as 46 research papers will be presented. With attendance of more than 130 scientists from nearly 50 universities, this is a first international economics conference of such scale to take place in Lithuania. Most of the attendees are Lithuanian-born scientists working or studying at foreign universities, also researchers working at the central banks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The conference was organised by the Research Center of the Bank of Lithuania jointly with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Vilnius University and Global Lithuanian Leaders. It will take place at Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania. The joint Baltic Economic Conference is expected to become an annual event that will be organised in turn by the the central banks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia together with the major universities of the countries.