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The new statistical tool “My data sets” introduced by the Bank of Lithuania is intended for work with the published statistical data.

All users of statistical data are invited to take advantage of this new tool on the Bank of Lithuania website.

“We hope that this tool will make it easier to work with the necessary data, as the Statistics section on the Bank of Lithuania website contains nearly 63,000 indicators, thus it takes time even for advanced users to find the data they need,” said Rytis Likša, Director of the Statistics Department of the Bank of Lithuania that has initiated development of this particular statistical tool.

The tool “My data sets” allows users to:

  • find all the published statistical data in one place;
  • create frequently used data sets that automatically update when new data is released;
  • share them with other users;
  • add indicators of different measurement units and periodicity from various data areas – “Statistics in brief, “Predefined tables” or “Statistics database” – into a single set;
  • change periodicity of the data, units of measurement, the number of digits after the decimal point, etc.;
  • calculate the new (derivative) indicator from several selected indicators.

To learn how to use this tool, read My Data Set Creation and Use Wizard.