Bank of Lithuania
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This year, the Bank of Lithuania took over the responsibility for the compilation and dissemination of the annual financial accounts statistics from Statistics Lithuania. From now, not only quarterly, but also annual financial accounts data will be published by the Bank of Lithuania. It will improve data accessibility and compatibility, while data users will be able to manage data more efficiently by using the My data sets tool.

Consolidated and non-consolidated annual financial accounts data by creditor and debtor sector and by financial instrument are published in the section Financial assets and liabilities of the Lithuanian economy under Statistics in brief. Financial accounts methodological explanations are provided in the section Methodology.

Annual financial accounts are published 9 months after the end of the year. Preliminary annual data will be published 95 days after the end of the year. The exact dates of the publication of these data are provided in the Data release calendar. In order to ensure quarterly and annual financial accounts compatibility, annual data will be revised during the preparation of the quarterly data for Q1, Q2 and Q4 quarters. More comprehensive information on data revisions is presented in the section Data revisions.