Bank of Lithuania

Five autonomous Departments

Alongside four services and several autonomous divisions, the Bank of Lithuania’s organisational structure also includes five autonomous departments, which comprise their respective divisions:

  • The Cash Department controls the amount of currency in circulation – one of the major functions of a central bank.
  • The Market Infrastructure Department forms the payment instruments policy, manages the Bank of Lithuania’s retail payment system CENTROlink, coordinates and administrates the provision of the Eurosystem’s TARGET services, and promotes innovation and open banking within the country’s financial market infrastructure and in the field of payments. 
  • The International Relations Department is responsible for the Bank of Lithuania’s participation in the European System of Central Banks and the decision-making process within the European Union, as well as cooperation with international financial organisations.
  • The Communications Department informs the public on Bank of Lithuania activities, thus ensuring its transparency.
  • The Security Department is in charge of the overall security of the Bank of Lithuania assets, valuables entrusted to it for safekeeping, staff, and information, as well as corruption prevention.
Last update: 15-05-2019