Bank of Lithuania

Situated in the heart of Vilnius, the Money Museum:

  • Welcomes visitors free of charge and introduces them to the history of Lithuanian and world money
  • Contributes to better public understanding of the objectives and functions of the Bank of Lithuania
  • Caters for the needs of the disabled and visitors of different age groups, allowing them to view the exposition using moving stands and lifts

Asta Ravaitytė - Kučinskienė, Head of the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania

The Money Museum has accumulated more than 55 thousand exhibits. A real crowd-puller is the world’s largest coin pyramid consisting of 1,000,935 coins, included in the Guinness World Records. Official record adjudicators note that the pyramid was built with Lithuanian one-cent coins, celebrating the Lithuanian litas, former national currency, in anticipation of the adoption of the euro.

We not only provide visitors with a possibility to view valuable exhibits and take in information presented on different screens and stands, but also actively participate in the cognitive discovery process. Through interactive learning activities, the observer becomes the participant, as visitors are able to try their hand at striking a souvenir plate or weigh themselves on a special scale, which tells your worth if you were made of gold, platinum or silver. Virtual expositions, thematic films, games – all this is available on touch-screen computer terminals. The Museum’s multilayer exposition, which combines the rich history of money and topical issues of today’s economic life, offers interesting information for everyone.

The Money Museum is the first museum in the Baltic States to use an electronic sign language translation system.

In 2013, MintWorld Compendium featured the Money Museum in its list of the best museums of central banks in the world. The TOP-5 also included the money museums of the central banks of Canada and South Korea, the Deutsche Bundesbank, and the Federal Reserve System of the USA.

For more information, visit the Money Museum website.

Last update: 09-11-2021