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The goal of Global Money Week is to encourage children, from a young age, to express interest in the world of finances and economics, as well as provide knowledge and develop personal finance management skills. Events during Global Money Week, usually taking place in March, are organised in collaboration with educational institutions, financial market participants, other national institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Global Money Week in Lithuania was first celebrated in 2013 when the Bank of Lithuania joined Child & Youth Finance International.

In 2013, Global Money Week began as a one-day occasion full of events for schoolchildren – excursions, lectures, games, tests and quizzes, yet since 2014 it has grown into a week-long event.

From 2015, the events that are part of Global Money Week are marked with its special logo. It was created on the basis of a drawing by Meda Slivskytė, a pupil at Plungė Old Town School, which in 2014 was chosen as the winner of the Global Money Week logo design contest. The owl is a symbol of education and knowledge, both especially important in managing personal finances.

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A record number of participants during Global Money Week. Almost 14,000 children across Lithuania participated in the organised excursions, lectures, e-lessons, games, conferences, and competitions. The initiative was supported by 30 partners, nearly 500 projects took place, 261 schools and 300 teachers participated in various activities. The Week’s crowning event was the award ceremony for the student comics contest ‘I save smart! So should you!’, which took place at the Bank of Lithuania. 


18 partners joined the Global Money Week initiative, which took place on 9–17 March. Almost 6,000 schoolchildren participated in the organised events – excursions, lectures, games, quizzes, and competitions.


Taking place on 10–17 March, Global Money Week drew in nearly 8,000 children. This was the year a drawing that later became the basis for the Global Money Week logo was done.


.On 15 March, Lithuania held its own one-day celebration for Global Money Week, with various events for schoolchildren – excursions, lectures, games, tests and quizzes. 


Last update: 20-07-2018