Bank of Lithuania
Indicator Period Statistics
Percentages (unless otherwise specified)
Capital adequacy ratio of the banking sector1 Q1 2020 22.8
Non-performing debt instruments of the banking sector1 (compared to total portfolio) Q1 2020 1.7
Annual change in gross loan portfolio March 2020 2.3
Return on assets (RoA) in the banking sector1 Q1 2020 0.8
Net interest margin in the banking sector1 Q1 2020 1.7
Loan (including leasing) to deposit ratio in the banking sector1 Q1 2020 81.1
Annual change in housing prices Q1 2020 6.2
Housing affordability index March 2020 26.9

1 Consolidated data; due to changes in data consolidation methodology, data from Q1 2014 are not fully comparable with data of previous periods.

Sources: Statistics Lithuania and Bank of Lithuania calculations.

Last update: 10-08-2020